Friday 5 May 2023


We are delighted to announce that our studio will be participating in "THE NEW TOGETHER" exhibition in conjunction with THE VENICE BIENNALE at the prestigious setting of the Scuola Grande di Misericordia in Venice, which will take place from 20 May to 30 July 2023.
14 buoy structures collect and house the exhibition panels, creating thematic islands. Each buoy groups projects according to a keyword linked to the theme The New Together. "
Each buoy focuses on an action, a desire for a newfound sense of being together in all those places and for all those needs that shape the daily lives of each of us," explains the Curator. "In each family come together projects that differ in size, adaptation to the context, purpose, settlement principle, material quality. They are projects that hybridise and fluidify functional and typological hierarchies to rediscover the value of 'spaces of possibility' where many facts of life can happen. They are projects that suggest simple directions to be pursued in community: to care, to move in the landscape gently, to meet, to transform with use what has been used in the same way, and then, to regenerate, to look around, to live and work openly to mix the moments of life in generous architectures-spaces that welcome the life that awaits us".
In addition to the official programme associated with The New Together exhibition, Platform will organise several side events to enliven the prestigious location throughout the opening period with a busy programme of forums, conferences and lectures.
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