Wednesday 15 November 2023


Pariset Foundation - Extension and Transformation of the Medical-Social Establishment and Temporary Care Center.

We are deeply honored to embark on this exciting new project for the Pre Pariset Foundation in Pully, Switzerland. Our commitment to revitalizing existing structures not only breathes new life into buildings but also contributes significantly to energy conservation and sustainability efforts. In addition to our environmental efforts, we are also dedicated to enhancing social sustainability by creating a welcoming and inclusive space that fosters a sense of community, provides a safe haven for those in need, and promotes social well-being.

Monday 9 October 2023


We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the distinguished participants of the round table:

Madame Chris Younes, philosopher and psychosociologist; Madame Marie-Françoise Zorn, Director of General Services at the L'Espérance Foundation; Mr. Pascal Devaux, Director of the Perceval Foundation; Mr. Christian May, Architect Consultant and Project Manager at DSAS; and Camille Claessens-Vallet, Architect and Editor at TRACÉS (as the moderator).

Together, they have contributed to an in-depth exploration of the intersection of Architecture and the concept of Care, discussed through four essential themes:

What is the meaning of hospitality?
What category of individuals does the L'Espérance Foundation welcome?
How have their needs evolved over time?

What are the specific challenges of this type of institution?

Behind the current trend in the world of architecture lies a complex reality on the ground.
How do we adapt infrastructure to meet constantly evolving needs?
How do we ensure the maintenance and care, both of the physical spaces and the individuals who inhabit them?

A concept developed by pediatrician Donald Winnicott.
How can we provide support and guidance that both protects and fosters openness to the world?
How does this concept come to life within the L'Espérance Foundation?

How does architecture enable individuals to connect with the world and their own inner selves?

Tuesday 3 October 2023


We are very happy and grateful for the publication of this booklet made in collaboration with Espazium and Tracés.
The "Bâtisseurs Suisses" series documents large-scale operations and exceptional works in Switzerland.
This booklet presents FWG architecture as a profession that weaves connections. The transformation of existing workshops and the construction of new accommodations for the Fondation de l’Espérance in Étoy (VD), which serves children and adults with disabilities, was a patient co-creation effort; a back-and-forth on the fabric of extended time.

Featuring essays by Chris Younès, Camille Claessens-Vallet, and an introduction by State Councillor Rebecca Ruiz.
Photography by Thomas Jantscher and Delphine Burtin.
Layout and graphic design by Valérie Bovay.

Our heartfelt thanks also to all the sponsors who have made the publication of this booklet possible.

Wednesday 28 June 2023

PLATFORM Architecture Festival 23-26 June 2023 | THE NEW TOGETHER in conjunction with THE VENICE BIENNALE

I was thrilled to participate in the Platform Architecture Festival, an event that aims to bring together an international audience through diverse international cultural initiatives.

The architecture firms involved in The New Together had the opportunity to present their visions firsthand during the PLATFORM ARCHITECTURE FESTIVAL, which took place from June 23rd to 26th, 2023, at the Scuola Grande di Misericordia. The architects animated four days of debates and discussions with the goal of creating an active platform to gather various visions, commonalities, and even contrasting perspectives on a new way of coming together through architecture and the diverse languages highlighted in the exhibition.

Friday 5 May 2023


We are delighted to announce that our studio will be participating in "THE NEW TOGETHER" exhibition in conjunction with THE VENICE BIENNALE at the prestigious setting of the Scuola Grande di Misericordia in Venice, which will take place from 20 May to 30 July 2023.
14 buoy structures collect and house the exhibition panels, creating thematic islands. Each buoy groups projects according to a keyword linked to the theme The New Together. "
Each buoy focuses on an action, a desire for a newfound sense of being together in all those places and for all those needs that shape the daily lives of each of us," explains the Curator. "In each family come together projects that differ in size, adaptation to the context, purpose, settlement principle, material quality. They are projects that hybridise and fluidify functional and typological hierarchies to rediscover the value of 'spaces of possibility' where many facts of life can happen. They are projects that suggest simple directions to be pursued in community: to care, to move in the landscape gently, to meet, to transform with use what has been used in the same way, and then, to regenerate, to look around, to live and work openly to mix the moments of life in generous architectures-spaces that welcome the life that awaits us".
In addition to the official programme associated with The New Together exhibition, Platform will organise several side events to enliven the prestigious location throughout the opening period with a busy programme of forums, conferences and lectures.
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Tuesday 2 May 2023

Progress of the new project...Fondation La Feuillère, Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland 

Saturday 8 April 2023



Category: Public Buildings

Tuesday 7 February 2023

2md Nomination for the ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards Coudraie & Les Hêtres, Aubonne

Happy to announce that another of our buildings, “Coudraie & Les Hêtres for La Fondation Perceval in the category Healthcare Architecture, has been selected by the online magazine "ArchDaily" for a competition for the best building of the year. ArchDaily is the most visited online magazine in the world If you wish to support out project you can vote online from the following link

Wednesday 1 February 2023

Nomination for the ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards Les Ateliers, Etoy

Our building, Les Ateliers for La Fondation L'Espérance, has been selected by the online magazine "ArchDaily" for a competition for the best building of the year. If you wish to support out project you can vote online from the following link