Monday 9 October 2023


We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the distinguished participants of the round table:

Madame Chris Younes, philosopher and psychosociologist; Madame Marie-Françoise Zorn, Director of General Services at the L'Espérance Foundation; Mr. Pascal Devaux, Director of the Perceval Foundation; Mr. Christian May, Architect Consultant and Project Manager at DSAS; and Camille Claessens-Vallet, Architect and Editor at TRACÉS (as the moderator).

Together, they have contributed to an in-depth exploration of the intersection of Architecture and the concept of Care, discussed through four essential themes:

What is the meaning of hospitality?
What category of individuals does the L'Espérance Foundation welcome?
How have their needs evolved over time?

What are the specific challenges of this type of institution?

Behind the current trend in the world of architecture lies a complex reality on the ground.
How do we adapt infrastructure to meet constantly evolving needs?
How do we ensure the maintenance and care, both of the physical spaces and the individuals who inhabit them?

A concept developed by pediatrician Donald Winnicott.
How can we provide support and guidance that both protects and fosters openness to the world?
How does this concept come to life within the L'Espérance Foundation?

How does architecture enable individuals to connect with the world and their own inner selves?

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